Q. What is the difference between resin-bonded and resin bound?

A. - A resin bonded system is generally applied over existing concrete or tarmac surfaces and the aggregate/gravel is sprinkled evenly over a resin application and 'bonded' to the surface. The resin bound system is trowelled on to the surface and the environmental benefits of this include the fact that this system is SUD's compliant. Visit our Services & Products page for full details.

Q. Can you install this over my existing driveway?

A. - If you have an existing concete or tarmac surface then we are able to apply our systems on top of this with little preparation required for a qualifty finish. Prestige will assess your driveway or patio and as part of the process will recommend if any work needs to be done.

Q. What time of year is best to install a new driveway?

A. - Prestige can install driveways at anytime of the year however dry weather is required on the day of application. If the weather is inclement on the day planned for application then Prestige will rearrange at your convienience rather than risk the quality of your new driveway or patio.

Q. How long does it take to install?

A. - Depending on the size of the area and in the case of most household driveways or patio areas the application can be completed within a day ensuring you are not inconvienienced for a long period of time.

Q. When will I be able to drive on my new driveway?

A. - Depending on the system selected and recommended for your project the time in which the area can be used may vary from a few hours up to around 24 hours. None of the systems require a long-period of time where your driveway or patio will be out of use.

Q. How long should my driveway last?

A. - Depending on the system chosen Prestige will inform you of the life expectancy of your driveway. The systems are highly durable and applied in commercial projects too so the lifeline is in excess of 10 years.

Q. How can I clean my driveway?

A. - Maintaining your driveway could not be easier. You simply need to sweep the area occasionally using a brush, on an annual basis you can also use water in order to bring up the finish as good as new. Unlike block paving you will have no need to weed as there are no cracks involved so gone are the days of tireless and regular weeding!

We are primarily based in the South East of the country specifically London, Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Bedford, but we are happy to undertake jobs throughout the UK and Europe.